Start, grow and expand your impact investing activities.
Practical support for asset managers, banks and investors.

If capital is invested with clear intention and with the right approach, it creates fundamental positive impact on people and the planet. In this belief, we encourage and support asset managers, investors, and financial intermediaries in their sustainable and impact investing activities. Our advice roots in personal practical experience and industry know-how, complemented by specialized expertise from our professional network. 

Impact Capital Advisory connects impactful investment opportunities with mindful investors. We facilitate the development and search of investment vehicles that fit all dimensions alike: financial return, impact, and the market environment.

Our clients benefit from independent advice that takes their impact investing activities to the next level – by developing & implementing the right strategies for investing, developing, and marketing impact investing solutions.


Developing an individual strategy for your impact investing activities

Services for Asset Managers

Independent Supervisory & Advisory Board Member

Board membership of investment vehicles
Investment and impact committee member

  • Board membership of investment vehicles
  • Investment and impact committee member
Developing & structuring investment vehicles

Identification of investment case
Based on market demand and aligned to needs of target investors. Search for founding partners and/or anchors.

Feasibility check of investment proposal
Development of business plan & financial model. Validation of financial and impact outcomes.

Marketability check
Feedback and recommendation based on pre-marketing. Analysis of markets and competition.

Structuring the investment vehicle
According to the type of transactions and needs of investors. Use of blended finance if appropriate.

  • Identification of investment case
  • Feasibility check of investment proposal
  • Marketability check
  • Structuring the investment vehicle
Investor relations & communications

Definition of tailored sales strategy
Identify target investor segments & markets based, considering regulatory requirements.

Sales & marketing tools
Definition of USPs and market positioning. Design or review of sales & marketing material.  Sales training.

Activity plan
Planning, organization and execution of campaigns and events. Representation at conferences.

Access to investors of the private and public sectors, impact-focused network in Europe and the USA.

  • Definition of tailored sales strategy
  • Sales & marketing tools
  • Activity plan
  • Investor relations

The ultimate goal is a solid product offering and the right approach to access capital. We assist you in:

  • Growing your offering and client base with the right product, impact and sales strategy.

  • Working efficiently and control your costs from the start thanks to a rigorous & lean development process and early focus on market feedback.
  • Reducing mistakes by focusing on scalable solutions, the right positioning and a high level of quality.

Services for Investors, Banks & Advisors

Building an impact investment portfolio

Development of suitable impact investing strategy
Based on the investor’s personal financial & impact preferences, aligned with international impact practices.

Selection of asset managers and funds
Access to quality impact investment vehicles and managers.

Impact measurement & reporting
Practical integration of impact related criteria in the selection process and reporting framework.

  • Development of suitable impact investing strategy
  • Selection of asset managers and funds
  • Impact measurement & reporting
Independent Board and Committee Member

Member of board of trustees
Board membership of investment vehicles
Investment and impact committee member

  • Member of board of trustees
  • Board membership of investment vehicles
  • Investment and impact committee member
Education & training

Introduction to sustainable & impact investing
Definition, characteristics, ecosystem and specific considerations.

Best practice in impact management and measurement
Introduction to current frameworks and standards, individual application and implementation.

Marketing impact investment vehicles
Specific sales training for financial intermediaries and advisors.

  • Introduction to sustainable & impact investing
  • Best practice in impact management and measurement
  • Marketing impact investment vehicles

The final solution must consider individual needs. We help you to:

  • Achieve your impact and financial goals by choosing & implementing your individual investment strategy
  • Learn from the practical know-how & expertise of impact experts


Education, innovation and tailored solutions for the growth of impact investing

Our motivation is to contribute to the growth of sustainable and impact investing for the benefit of the people and the planet. We encourage investors to use their capital with purpose, and we help asset managers to broaden and professionalize their impact activities.

For this purpose, we share our personal experience and know-how and apply it to our clients’ individual needs

While we recommend a rigorous working process and the use of common international standards, our solutions are tailored to every client individually. We provide hands-on advice, which is based on practical experience from within a rapidly evolving sustainable and impact investing sector. For specialized knowledge outside of our range, we collaborate with trusted partners from our network of experts.



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Mirjam Garzon, Founder & Managing Partner

Mirjam built her career in impact investing and asset management, advising institutional investors, asset managers, and financial intermediaries in Switzerland and globally. She specializes in developing and implementing tailor-made impact strategies. She’s also a Senior Advisor of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), a Board Member of Tameo Fund Solutions SA and holds other advisory board seats.

Before founding Impact Capital Advisory in 2020, she was Head of Business Development and Product Management at responsAbility Investments for almost 12 years. Being part of the management team, she contributed substantially to the successful evolution of the company from a start-up to one of the globally leading asset managers in impact investing. Prior, she held various positions in asset management, risk management, and the derivatives market.

Mirjam holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and is fluent in English, German and French.


Impact Capital Advisory is part of a highly professional impact investing ecosystem that shares values, goals, and working standards. We provide access to this unique network that provides the full range of knowledge and services linked to sustainable and impact investing.

Senior Advisor to the Global Impact Investing Network
Member of Sustainable Finance Geneva


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